The top 10 sweater brands in the world, how to choose high-quality sweater brands

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Sweaters are warm clothing that we wear in autumn and winter. So what brands of sweaters are there? There are many brands of sweaters. Today, Fansinally editor will check out the top 10 sweater brands in the world. If you are interested, let’s take a look.

What are the brands of sweaters

Top 10 sweater brands in the world:

1. Loro Piana

Italian high-end brand Loro Piana (LP), founded on April 24, 1924, is a top Italian luxury brand. It started with cashmere and passed on for 6 generations as a family business. It was acquired by LVMH in 2013 and became the top brand of the group. .

The Loro Piana family from Trivero was a plush merchant in the early nineteenth century. Pietro Loro Piana founded the existing Loro Piana company on April 24, 1924. The family business is now the sixth generation, providing high-quality cashmere and wool to customers who value taste and quality, and thus become the world's largest cashmere manufacturer and largest wool purchaser.

2. Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is the world's top luxury brand from Italy, known as the low-key luxury "king of cashmere" and "the real luxury in the clothing industry." Many people know that cashmere Cashmere is top-notch and expensive. It cannot be taken off as soon as you wear it. It is also easy to match with other clothes. However, no one knows how to design top-level cashmere fabrics in a "low-key" than Brunello Cucinelli. "Luxury" style.

3. Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland, a top knitwear brand in Scotland founded in 1815, is one of the oldest surviving luxury brands in the world. For more than 200 years, Pringle has pioneered the concept of "knitwear" (Knitwear) in the world, which has changed the pattern of Scotland and the entire sweater industry. It has swept the world with diamond patterns and two-piece sweaters, and holds Queen Elizabeth II. The British royal family supply license issued by the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother is loved by consumers from the British royal family to Hollywood stars, and even cashmere products and knitwear consumers all over the world.

4. Malo

Speaking of the old brand of cashmere, MALO from Italy must mention that MALO is one of the world's three major cashmere brands. It was born in Florence, Italy in 1972 and soon relied on its top soft fabrics. Active colors and rigorous workmanship have become the first choice for successful people. Malo is known as the "Rolls Royce" of cashmere products.

5. TSE

TSE, a fashion brand from the United States, is famous for cashmere fabric clothing and knitted clothing, Hussein Chalayan, Narciso Rodriguez, Richard Chai , Tess Giberson (Tess Giberson), Wu Jigang (Jason Wu) and other famous designers have participated in the design of TSE women's clothing, which also allows TSE's clothing to maintain a comfortable and natural connotation while showing more diversification. style of.

The world's high-end brand TSE fully displays the curvaceous beauty of women, allowing strong women in the workplace to exude their gentle femininity. TSE brand fashion has always paid attention to the selection of fabrics, based on the principle of making the wearer comfortable. In addition, there are the following cashmere brands that you must know!

6. Ballantyne

Ballantyne, translated as Ballantyne in Chinese, is one of the world's top cashmere brands. It was founded in Scotland in 1921. It was acquired by an Italian investment company in 2004. In the 1970s, Ballantyne and Pringle, Missoni, Loro Piana and other cashmere brands opened a new era of cashmere fashion. At present, Ballantyne (Ballantyne) is headquartered in Milan, the brand spokesperson is Alyona Osmanova (Oyona Osmanova), photographed by the famous photographer Phil Poynter. Ballantyne's current series include men's ready-to-wear series, women's ready-to-wear series, and accessories series, including shoes.

7. Botto Giuseppe

Botto Giuseppe, founded in Italy in 1876, has a history of more than 140 years. Compared with the garment manufacturing of other cashmere brands, Botto Giuseppe is more inclined to specialize in the production of fabrics, knits and yarns. The fabric is cashmere, followed by wool, silk, linen and cotton.

8. Burberry

In addition to the trench coat, Burberry's classic cashmere scarf made of 100% cashmere has always attracted countless fans. Scarves are made of fine cashmere fabrics and produced through 30 precise processes. Cashmere scarves are available at ¥3900+.

9. Andrè Maurice

Andrè Maurice originated from a small handicraft workshop in 1921, and has grown to be a local Italian family business with a factory of 30,000 square meters. In the 2000s, Algis SpA was known as the "cashmere factory". In the past 25 years, For more than a year, this factory has been importing cashmere directly from the country of origin.

10. Fansinally

Fansinally is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce brand, mainly for consumer markets such as Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East. Fansinally, its direct brand, has been adhering to the concept of "YOUR FIT, YOUR STYLE" since its establishment in October 2017. We always believe that there are various shapes and sizes of bodies, and all women should feel beautiful.

As for the top 10 sweater brands in the world introduced above, I believe you have mastered the specific information. For the choice of brands, you can choose according to your own economic conditions and combined with your own needs for multiple products. Hope it can help everyone.

Sweater purchase skills:

1. Many sweaters are made of chemical fiber, so when buying sweaters, it is best to smell them with your nose first. Sweaters with no peculiar smell can be the first choice, and sweaters with peculiar smell are likely to cause damage to the skin. .

2, the elasticity of a sweater is very important, so when buying a sweater, it is best to stretch it to check the elasticity of the sweater. A sweater with good elasticity can be the first choice. A sweater with poor elasticity will easily deform after washing. 

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