How to choose a sweater? There are three suguestions

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Making sweaters for a long time, in my opinion, choosing a sweater that suits you is the happiest thing.

When choosing a sweater, you can start from the following three aspects:

1. The style of the sweater ---- relates to your style, whether the sweater matches your body style and face style;

2. The material of the sweater ---- relates to the cost performance;

3. The workmanship of sweaters-quality is involved;

1. Sweater style:

There are many styles of sweaters, so I won't expand them in detail here. You can choose the style according to your needs. The sweater style needs to match your own conditions, so that you can reflect your own style and characteristics.

2. The material of the sweater:

Sweaters are classified according to wool material, which can be divided into cashmere, wool, cotton and blended fabrics.

Cotton and blended fabrics are two common fabrics. There are many kinds of blended fabrics. These fabrics are stain-resistant, washable and affordable!

Blended fabric sweater
Wool: Wool comes from sheep and is the first layer of wool on the sheep; it is heavier than cashmere and not as warm as cashmere; the price is more expensive than cotton and blends.

Cashmere: Cashmere comes from goats. It is hidden under the outer layer of wool and grows only in winter. It is closest to the skin and keeps warm. Cashmere is light, soft, and has better warmth retention than wool, but it is also much more expensive than wool. If you are committed to the pursuit of comfort and refinement and have sufficient budget, I recommend you to start with a cashmere sweater!

All sorted by price and warmth: cashmere>wool>cotton>blend.

3. The workmanship of sweaters

It seems that work requires some foundation, but you can generally refer to the following aspects:

(1) Pull the joints of the sweater lightly, mainly to see whether the seam is neatly wrapped, whether the seam is tightly thick and black, and whether there are defects;

(2) Whether the stitch length is uniform, if the stitch length is exposed on the seam, it will be easy to split, which will affect the life of the sweater;

(3) Whether the thickness of the main parts is uneven, whether the products of color matching, printing, striping and other styles are mixed and stained;

(4) If there are buttons sewn, carefully check whether the buttons are firm;

(5) Whether the size of the clothes conforms to the actual situation.

In addition, when purchasing wool and cashmere sweaters, it is recommended to be larger than the ordinary clothing model that I am suitable for. Because wearing woolen sweaters is mainly for keeping warm, it is too close to the body to keep warm, and the shrinkage rate of wool itself is large, so there should be room for it. You may also pay attention to sweaters: sweater dresses, cashmere sweaters, cardigans sweaters, polo sweaters, better sweaters in Patagonia, Balenciaga sweaters, Harry style sweaters, men's cardigan sweaters, women's sweater dresses, if you If you are interested in these sweaters, you can also email us:, or follow our official website:

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